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Are you seeing yourself jumping from one relationship to another due to one reason or the other even when you try to be serious? "I am of age but no one has approached me for anything serious. The ones I love do not love me, the ones that love me, I do not love them. There is no true love. Men/women are all the same".

You may have been told that you have a spiritual husband /wife. You may have done the assignment they gave you but yet nothing seems to change. Look within you and be honest with yourself. How can love work for you if you don't believe in it? The fact that you believe or disbelieve in a thing doesn't mean that that doesn't exist. Did you truly love or did you love because of something he/she had or have? Did you love with the intention that you're in love with a perfect lover? Are you perfect? Was your love true, genuine and flawless? If it were so, why did it not stand?

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You can alway point at the other but its not about him/her because you only attracted your kind. Will you still love him/her the way you do if you don't see the money, car, or house again? This doesn't mean that you shouldn't have class but were you just attracted to him/her because of the class or love? Will you endure with him/her if sex after marriage was the standard without messing around? Will you still love and care for him/her if he/she doesn't have that thing to give you?

Its not all about the people that broke your heart or the spiritual husband /wife they told you that you have, but its about you. Forget about what your ex lovers did to you. God is love and without Him, you can't find true love. Don't live based on your past negative experience but live for the now and key into the future with Jesus. The fact that he/she messed up doesn't mean that others will do same. But repent and surrender to Jesus and marine spirits will have no room again in your life. Repent and God will return peace into your relationship /marriage. Repent and that thing that makes you jump from mango to pawpaw, from pawpaw to apple without direction will have no room to operate in your life. Come to Jesus and be free from the bondage of sin and death.

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(Umoren Iniodu)


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