Reno Omokri release more Evidence to Prove Natasha Wrong, Make her fall into His Lawyer Traps



Reno’s finishing Move!!!

Dear followers.

I am a very meticulous record keeper. After discussing with my lawyer yesterday, I deliberately released only 2 pages from my passport knowing that the said Natasha Akpoti would be tempted to pick holes in them. This is the same strategy I pulled when I released the #AmaechiTapes

In the said Natasha’s case, I released only the biodata page of my passport and one other page. There was a third page which my lawyer asked me not to publish, to allow the said Natasha walk into our trap.

In the case of the #AmaechiTape, I released only a few seconds of Amaechi’s voice and waited for the Presidency to deny the story, which they did. Then I released the rest of the evidence.

Now that the said Natasha Akpoti has responded and called me a liar, let me now release more of the evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that not only is this woman a liar, but that she is sponsored.

In the first photo, you will see that I arrived in San Francisco and had my passport stamped on arrival on April 28, 2014.

In the second photo, which we deliberately did not publish yesterday, you will see that I had my passport stamped on arrival at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport on May 10, 2014.

President Uhuru Kenyatta visited Nigeria between May 4-7, 2014. The said Natasha Akpoti claimed that I made a pass at her during a Presidential banquet in his honour at Aso Rock.

If I had released the second page of my passport, the said Natasha would have changed the story and said that the incident occurred at another occasion.

So I was advised by my lawyer to deliberately release only one page and give the impression that I arrived on June 23, 2014, to trick her into making a statement that will implicate her when we go to court.

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We also have more damning evidence against this blackmailer, which we will also release in court, including a correspondence from British Airways affirming that I flew in their plane on April 28, 2014 to San Francisco from London Heathrow, after arriving in London the previous day, and flew on their plane back to Nigeria.

She fell for my lawyer’s trap.

It is very important to expose women like the said Natasha Akpoti, both on social media and in court, or they will destroy many innocent men, as they have done before.

In another post he said

Dear followers,

The said Natasha AKpoti has quickly deleted her incriminating post after I posted today’s evidence. She walked right into my lawyer’s trap.

Go on her facebook page. It is no longer there.

But it is too late. My lawyer has downloaded and printed it. That woman is a blackmailer sent from Aso Rock. She and her recently decamped to APC boyfriend have failed big time.

We are waiting for her to come up with more lies. We still have more evidence. But we will not release them now. Some will only be tendered in court. Others will be tendered as soon as she makes another incriminating statement.

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Meanwhile, this photo of my son at his school (which has a CCTV) was taken with my phone (we have the metadata from Apple, showing that this photo was taken with my phone number and IMEI in California) at the exact date and time of the Uhuru Kenyatta State Banquet at Aso Rock that the said Natasha alleged was the venue where she met me and I made a pass at her.

May God bless Kogi state, but I feel sorry for the good people of that blessed state if this is the woman aspiring to govern them.

Many photos were taken at the State Banquet for Uhuru Kenyatta on May 6, 2014, both by the State House photographer and every media house in Nigeria. I hereby offer a $50,000 prize to anybody on Earth who can provide a photo of me at that event, and I give my word of honour that I will pay.

This money will also be paid out if even the photo you have is a mobile phone photo. Any type of photo at all.

I was a Presidential spokesman and chairs are ALWAYS reserved for us at the front with our names on it. Our table is usually one table away from the President, should he need to summon us at anytime.

Also, there are videos of the event. Channels, AIT, SilverbirdTV and other stations had video coverage that are still on their YouTube pages. Also, one or two prominent journalists would have been there. They should have sighted me physically with their eyes. Can they come out and testify in a sworn affidavit that they saw me at the event?

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I have provided incontrovertible evidence that I was not in Nigeria during the days that President Uhuru Kenyatta visited Nigeria between May 4-7, 2014. Meanwhile, the person making the allegation has not provided one shred of evidence. Is it not he or she that alleges that should also prove?

Since the said Natasha H Akpoti who made the allegation is from Kogi State, which is in the North, I will deposit the money with the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in the 19 Northern states.

A clear conscience fears no accusation. The truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend the truth. You simply unleash and it will defend itself. I have unleashed it with $50,000 and I am waiting.

Natasha. Spell that name backwards and your spiritual eyes may open.

Thank you and may God bless you all.


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