Talk Zone: For those Saying Buhari is doing Well, Let your life and that of Your families be like How Buhari is running Nigeria now!! Say Amen



Via comments section in various social media, many Nigerian mostly northerners has keep praising President Muhammad Buhari over this his failed administration.

But is real life, Buhari government is the worst in the history of Nigeria.

It just that Africans don't read history, I wish they read history, they will know what Nigerian pass through when Buhari was a dictator in military regime.

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They same Buhari that claim that he is practicing democracy now is the same person that overthrow civilian government them.

What much talk me, you and others know exactly what we a passing through in this government, so if you claim Buhari is doing well for Nigerians just answered this simple prayer.

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May your life and Your families life be like Nigeria under Buhari government.

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