To Be Successful You Need a Prayerful and Hard Working Woman – Orji Kalu

My Dearest Ify,

A good wife is Royal in the Heart. She is a crown to her husband, and pride to the home where she was raised. She is called a W.I.F.E because she is a Woman In Full Effect.

Today, I celebrate my friend, my love, my companion, my adviser, my wife and more. Having you in my life has been a tremendous experience, through thick and thin you have always been there to provide your support.

The merit of having a great wife is endless. Behind every successful man, there isn’t just a woman but a prayerful and hard working woman. If not, every married man would be successful.

A virtuous woman adds years to your life, a wise one adds decades, but a loving one adds an eternity to your life.

Thank you for your love, care, patience, prayers and every other great thing you do which are to many to mention.

May God bless you with many more years of PERFECT HEALTH and JOY.

I celebrate and love you today and always My Ify.


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