You have Commits Adultery, if you honour, respect and obey your pastor over your husband – Reno Omokri Tells Women


Reno Omokri has dropped another bomb again for those Married women who drive joy in disobeying their husband and respect their pastor.

The Author and ex-aides to former President Jonathan, said that any woman, who honour, respect and obey her pastor more than her husband already commits Adultery.

Omokri said this in post made available on his Facebook page.

He Said:

Adultery is not only when you have extramarital sex. As a woman, when you honour, respect and obey your pastor over and above your husband, you have adulterated your husband’s authority as head of the home. Your husband, not your pastor is the head of your home. In life, there’s a place for everyone and everyone has a place. There‘s a place for your parents, a place for your wife or husband and a place for your children. None of these people deserve to play second fiddle to your pastor in your life. Prioritise your family over your pastor ‬

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