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Young Woman Ekpo Ruth has taken to her Facebook page to advise women on how to keep their spouse.

She wrote:



After marriage you have to double your effort to remain smart in the eyes of your spouse so even after 10yrs 20yrs or 50yrs of marriage you will still be admired and he will still be arouse sexually when he sees you.
It's not easy I know especially as marriage come with alot of work load and responsibilities but my sister still create time for yourself to look good💃💃.
Try practicing the tips below and see the changes in your relationship and marriage

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BATHING: Always bath often at least twice a day, you can't expect a man to be sexually aroused around you when you don't bath well.

SHAVING: Please always shave your pubic hairs neat, some married women after few kids they stop taking care of themselves saying they are now married or old, then by allowing their pubic hairs to be bushy. Please always shave.

DRESSING: please learn to dress well and look neat and responsible.Do not dress as a prostitute. just because you are married I don't say dress indecently but at least look smart and sweet not walking around the house naked while your husband people are around.Some women behaves like an old local lady, Some will even tie same wrapper for days without washing making the wrapper smell bad, Pls Wear nice skirts, tops, polo. Shorts, please wear decent dresses.

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HAIR: please Aunty always look after your hair, if you don't have the Money to plait or weave often at least for it to be neat then barb your hair, the whole room can change because of hair odour and the worst part is that those with smelly hairs don't notice often, how can you carry hair for months and you expect your spouse to be facing you when in bed together please a word is enough for the wise.

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Try your own best to keep the marriage joyfully and enjoyable before you pray to God to do the rest for you.

Ekpo Ruth


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