These days, women chase men, more than the men chase women - Angela Nwosu



Angela Nwosu a self acclaim Digital Ogbanje has revealed that women now go after men more than how men go after women these days.

In a post made available on her Facebook page Angela said the development is not known because men are not exposing their inbox.

She said

These days, women chase men, more than the men chase women, but you won’t know. If men expose half of the things going on in their inbox eeh, you will be shocked. Read my next post for some of their formats. 藍

Another post, Angela Nwosu release format ladies use to trick Married Men into falling in love with them.

Her Post read:

Married man’s inbox messages;

Girl 1; Good evening sir, I am just checking up on you, I hope you are okay?”

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Married man; yes, I am fine, and you?”

Girl 1; I am just here, but not really fine, I’m so bored”

Married man; talk to your boyfriend to take you out or watch a movie to keep yourself busy”

Girl 1; I don’t have a boyfriend, sir, and we don’t have light. I feel like going out, but I don’t have anywhere to go”

She has thrown out the ball, expecting the man to pick it up, by inviting her to hang out somewhere with him, which will lead to junior combing her straight bone hair. Official side chick moves, activated. 🤣

This is married man and girl two.

Girl 2; hi.

Married man; hello, how are you?”

Girl 2; I am fine. Have you eaten?”

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Married man; why do you ask, abi you want to give me food?”

Girl 2; Aah! I don’t want your wife’s wahala o. I cooked a delicious stew, but you are married، I would have invited you over”

Another ball has been thrown out. If the man doesn’t have self control, he will give her the green light, side chick mode, activated. 😂

This is Married man and Girl 3.

Girl 3 goes to a man’s Facebook story and comments; nice outfits. I sell things like this. Please, patronize me. I can gift you one, so that you see I sell original stuff”

Married man; oh, that’s nice. Thank you”

Girl 3; let me know when you are free, so I can bring it for you”

Married man; you can send a delivery guy, you don’t have to stress yourself”

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Girl 3; I don’t have a delivery guy for now, I just started this business not long ago. Just tell me where you want me to come, anywhere, I can bring it”

That’s the window of opportunity, wide open. If the married man is cheap, he will take the opportunity and invite her where he wants, the rest will be history.

There are so many other formats, but let me stop here for today. To be continued. 😂



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