What is nosocomial infection?



nosocomial infection

Nosocomial infection is often referred to hospital acquired infection.

What is simply mean is that is an infection which somebody or someone knew Courtney from hospital when he or she went to the hospital to receive treatment for another infection.

For example when you go to hospital to receive treatment of malaria infection and at the end of it, you leave the hospital with HIV or typhoid fever.

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So this HIV or typhoid fever you got from the hospital is referred to as nosocomial infection.

Often times people fall victim of this infection because of the negligence of health care personnel.

What are the cause of nosocomial infection?

There are many causes of nosocomial infection.

One of the causes sometime are, When an unsterilize instrument is used to treat a patient, that may lead to nosocomial infection.

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Such as using unsterilised surgical equipment and other materials on a patients


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