Why I stop Talking About Southeast, Biafra, IPOB, UGM, ESN - Joe Igbokwe



In post share on his Facebook page, Joe Igbokwe give reasons he stop talking about Southeast and it related activities.

He said


I have deliberately decided to stop talking about South East , IPOB, UGM, ESN etc after a deadly attack on my home, CITY OF DAVID in Nnewi. I have managed the pains with equanimity, grace and soundness of mind. I reported the matter to the ALMIGHTY GOD and simply walked away. As it is now I have no home in Nnewi again. I am yet to visit the crime scene to assess the extent of damage but from what I saw on video,they left no stone unturned to inflict maximum damage to the very foundation of the structure. To God be the glory that no life was lost. I remain eternally grateful to the Almighty God whose nature is always to have mercy.

Now hear my purpose of writing this. I have been reading some funny threats to the corporate existence of Nigeria as a political entity by certain Igbo elements or groups should anything happens to an Igbo son, the leader of IPOB who is in detention and facing trials also. I guess these nonsensical effusions is coming from young people who may not have a grip of the enormity of the issues at stake. No sir, children cannot handle this matter. Our leaders in the South East led by all the 5 South East Governors, Serving Ministers, leadership of Ohaneze, few first class Tradional led by the Obi of Onitsha,all the Senators and HOR members from South East, few deep Anglican and Catholic Bishops, Speakers of the State House of Assemblies, few renowned University Teachers, few business magnets, few professionals etc should be the ones talking. Giving what I know about the men I saw with the President last week minus the serving Ministers I do not think they will be the ones that will tackle this big problem. I know their opinions before we got to the this stage.

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All known leadership of terrorists organizations in the North have been wasted. A serious war is going in the North and many are still dying. Maybe we do not want to tell ourselves the obvious and painful truth that we have a deadly terrorist organizations in the South East and they have killed hundreds of many prominent Igbo including Traditional Rulers. They have killed hundreds of policemen, destroyed hundreds police formations, burnt people’s homes including mine, looted shops, snatched people’s vehicles and motorcycles , stole people’s money , stole petrol, looted supermarkets, closed markets etc. South East have lost trillions since this criminality started. It is time to get serious.

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We need to deepen the debate on how to address South East problems. We have found ourselves being pushed to a corner. The brigandage and criminality have affected almost everyone. It is no longer Joe Igbokwe’s matter. South East is troubled . It is now likened to Thamos Hobbes State of Nature where life is brutish, nasty and short. Let us have the courage to stand like elders and nip the crisis in the bud. A lot is at stake. A lot is at state. We must know this very well.

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