Talk Zone: Early 80s, the price of Tortoise Car was less than ₦4000, tell us why It Father can't afford it them



In the early 80s, the price of this was less than ₦4000

Those of you in your 40s now

Why was your dad unable to buy this tortoise car?

Him no get money na

Same reason you can't afford ₦2m Toyota car now

Which will become like this Tortoise car in cost value in 40yrs time

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Point is

There was no "when Nigeria was good"

No time was life better

In fact, life was more difficult, years back

What makes a time or season better for you, among other factors, is the opportunity you identified, maximized and sustained or divested.

This post was written by Gorge Udom, Stuanch Buhari supporters.

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Why we share it on Naijablog is to get your view on his point.

Is true that life always been difficult?.

Is 80s better than now?

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