What happened to her After getting Pregnant for a man She didn’t Love, via Raped

Beautiful lady with full of life, have her dream of Man she love to settle down with.

But nature didn’t allow her because she has come an aged when people Within the community keep pointing finger on her for reaming single without a suitor.

But there is these young man who love her so much that he can do anything for her.

The young man keep pestering her to be his wife, but she never give him Chance, because she keep hoping and believing that her king of man will soon find her.

After much disturb from this young man, the lady didn’t succumb to his efforts.

So the young decide to use another method to get her.

On a faithful day, She is now 32 years old, she was going to the River when the young man who have already perfected his plan accosted her in a lonely area.

As usual he approached her in a way trying to let her know that he still love her, but the lady still turn him down.

In the process, the lady turn her back on him to proceed to the River to fetch some water.

The young man brought out a white handcachief from his pocket.

He them placed the handcachief on her nose, she doze off, he lift her unconsciously into the Forrest where he have sex with her repeatedly till she regained her conscious.

When she regained her conscious, the young man didn’t make guest of her, but he still stand firm that he love her and Wanted her in his life.

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He even promise the that he will go straight and paid her dowry if she said yes now, but the lady insist, she started crying and raining insults on him for raping her.

After that, everybody when on there way, three days later the young lady finally meet a man of her dream.

The man also love the lady, but something big is about to happen.

The man and her finally fall in love, the first young man who raped her was so jealous that despites all his efforts, the lady still didn’t accept him.

So a months later, the lady discovered that she is pregnant, and his supposed lover is not the one responsible for the pregnancy because sexually activities has not take place between them.

After much crying and hiding, she open up to the man she love.

The man didn’t get mad at her, but accept to takecare of her with the baby till she put to bed, them he will married her.

And the man who raped her also find out that the lady is pregnant for her, and he is ready to take responsibility.

Now over to you.

What will you do if you are the lady, dumped your love for the father of your baby that you didn’t love or stick to your love and give the man the baby after you give birth?

As father or brother, what will be your advise for her?

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