Many Buhari supporters don't care what happened to others if it didn't affect them



In reaction to the report by Punch Newspaper, titled

"popular Buhari supporter dumps him after Five brothers were Kidnapped"

If hasn't been that his brothers were Kidnapped, he will keep supporting and praising Buhari that his doing his Best.

What is the uses of dumping him now when he knows that Buhari has only one years and some Months to leave office?

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When they told them what goes around come around, they thought it was a jokes.

Since he didn't care when others are being kidnapped and killed untill it touch him, let him face his music.

This should be a lesson to him and others.
We should not Wait untill it reach us before we speak out and condemned evils government, like this regime of Buhari.

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Government who so insensitive to the well being of Nigerians.

The government who wait to always express shocked, and good in sending Condolences without proactive measure.

Many Buhari supporters don't care what happened to others if it didn't affect them.

But they forget bad government is a respecter of Nobody.

May God save us And protect our families.

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Happy Friday

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