Safemoon CEO, John Karony Received New Safemoon Headquarters Office Keys

John Karony, the CEO of the world fastest growing cryptocurrency token, safemoon has revealed that the new office headquarter that was under construction has been completed and the key hands over to him.

Karony took to the official Facebook page of Safemoon to disclose the development today evening, 31st of December 2021.

According to him:

Expansion brings opportunity.
Opportunity brings impact.
This new office brings us together. 欄

Together we step into 2022 and the SafeMoon Headquarters, where growth will be the driving force as we continue to evolve! 

“Today I was handed the key to the #SAFEMOONHQ!
Excited to see the innovation that comes out of #SAFEMOON’s new home.” John Karony, SafeMoon CEO.

SafeMoon is the #evolution

Recall that safemoon recently migrated it project to V2.

The new project contract was released in the middle of December this year.

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