Stop saving In Naira, you are Losing Money as Long Buhari Is still the President – Reno Omokri Tell Nigerians

Reno Omokri has called on Nigerians to stoped saving money in Naira as long Muhammadu Buhari still Remain Nigerian President.

Reno who share the advise on his social media handle say that the President lack of Economic direction has continue to devalue Naira.

He point out three options for investment, instead of savings in Nigeria Banks.

He said:

If you had ₦1 million in your savings account on January 1, 2021, it was worth $2250. Even if you got the highest interest rate a Nigerian bank could give you, your money would be worth ₦1.1 million today, which is equivalent to less than $2k. As long as Buhari is President, you should stop saving in Naira. You are losing money. Because the more money he borrows, the more devalued and diluted the Naira becomes. In 2022, do four things with your money:

Save in dollars

Invest in gold

Invest in international stocks

I would have added a fourth (invest in cryptocurrency), but crypto is illegal in Nigeria.

May God bless Nigeria and may she survive Buhari!

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