Eagle Network Announced New dates for Listing EAN and EGON Coins


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Screenshot 20220114 085554

The team behind eagle Network project, the mobile mining application use for mining EAN Coins has announced new dates for Listing EAN and EGON.

The announcement is coming after many dates were announced for listing last year, but never come through due to some technical issues.

The announcement which was posted on the minner app, disclosed that listing of EAN and EGON Coins for sells/buys will comence on the 29th of January 2022.

According to the information, EAN will be listed at the price of $0.0003 while EGON Coins will listed at $0.2.

Read full updates below

ear Miners,

We are here at last. Official listing for EAN and EGON will start from 29/01/22. After listing you can buy/sell EAN and EGON.

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Start Price
EAN - $0.0003
EGON - $0.2

Listing Exchange
The first crypto exchange for EAN/EGON will be on EgonSwap DEX. EgonSwap DEX is just like pancakeswap so EgonSwap DEX comes with same functionality like pancakeswap. Pancakeswap has CAKE. EgonSwap has EGON. Later will be listed on other decentralized and centralized exchange as well. Please wait for official link on listing day. Time will be given before listing day.

Open Market Dynamics
1). EAN price will not and cannot remain fixed.
2). EAN price will increase and fall.
3). Nobody can fix or control Crypto price.
4). The more holders who buy and hold EAN token the more price will increase. 
5). The more holders who sell EAN token the more price will fall.
6). Only long time holders and supporters will benefit.
7). The future is looking good for Eagle Network supporters.
8). Core Team will continue to work to grow the ecosystem which adds more value in the long run.
9). EAN/Egon/EgonCoin gives benefits overtime not overnight.
10). Progress and better price of EAN/EGON is in the hands of the community to continue to talk of project in good light and support.
11). Without community joined promotion and support project will fail.
12). Share to increase the community for progress

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Bonus Points
Not seeing EAN/Egon on Trust Wallet or Metamask?

Add new Egon and EAN as custom token to see your token in your wallets.

Name: Eagle Network
Code: EAN
Decimals: 9
Smart Contract: 0xf711d680dd3e987b6bd24253931e5495c954b557

Name: EgonSwap Token
Code: EGON
Decimals: 18
Smart Contract:

Not seeing EMT/EAN/Egon on CryptoKara?

You need to reset and update CryptoKara to latest version

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Do This 
1). Open CryptoKara
2). Save your 12 word seed phrase
3). Reset CryptoKara
4). Close CryptoKara
5). Clear cache and delete storage
6). Uninstall CryptoKara
7). Install from Google
8). Restore with your saved 12 seed phrase ( not create wallet)
9). Refresh wallet by pulling down the wallet screen

More details coming up 19/01/22

Eagle Network Team


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