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why do you think that Nigerian artists are really doing well? I don’t know I can’t say that Ghanaians are not doing well. you guys are doing amazing in terms of you guys are really doing well but I want to know why you think the Nigerian market is the big guy when it comes to entertainment and even in terms of music than the Ghanaian market why do you

Think so well I mean I don’t like it when we compare but it is what it is because they are moving faster than we are and first of all sometimes I don’t like comparing us because they are way bigger than us like they have the numbers you understand and the other thing is there are a lot of investors in Nigeria and then they have found their sound and they are working on their sound which is the Afrobeat songs.

Ghanaians we don’t, we are just doing what they are doing because we want to break through into the out market before, we break through globally I said that earlier and so for me and I think there’s nothing special they are doing apart from them finding their sound and then their investors and numbers which we can equally do the same if you are able to work on our sound you understand because highlife, we want our own and we go free to modernize our lives in diverse ways and then hit the world but I don’t know what other

The problem is if it has to do with you guys or our industry or our fans I don’t know because that’s the only special thing Nigerians personally I feel they are doing their sound they don’t really, they work on their sound because if you play Nigeria music and you play our music you compare just the sound and talent about.

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We can attest to the fact that Ghanaians are mostly focused on adapting to foreign cultures and portraying them wherever they find themselves. Hip-hop for instance is an American genre some Ghanaian musicians have adopted, diluting the original Ghanaian genre, Highlife just to suit the global standards.

Ever listened to Burna Boy’s Grammy award-winning album “Twice As Tall”? Every single song on the album contains substances from the Nigerian culture, especially their language. Not only has the album gained recognition but has made the originality of the Nigerian culture known to the world.

Sarkodie recently dropped his seventh studio album “No Pressure”. According to him, the album is purely Hip-hop music, thus not everyone will enjoy the songs. The point here is, adopting the Hip-hop culture knowing perfectly well your country-men won’t enjoy was a wrong move because if your fanbase in the country is unable to push the appreciate the craft, there is absolutely no way an outsider will appreciate it.

The debate as to whether the Nigerian music industry is better than the Ghanaian music industry has been an indecisive one, however, Ghanaians have a lot to learn from Nigerians in terms of entertainment and promotional tactics.

The debate on whether Nigerian music is bigger or not should not be a topic in my own opinion music from East African Songs is very nice, the sound also is good Africa needs to unit more.

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