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The late Hubert Ogunde of Nigeria sang that “Though it is dark. …..the enemies cannot change destiny”. My big brother from Ondo Town in Nigeria, King Sunny Ade sang that “My destiny can never be changed at all….my destiny I brought from God”. They spoke prophetically.

Destiny is more powerful than your name. No matter how hard you try, human beings will tamper with your name secretly or openly. They will try to scandalize your name and will go to every length to do that. In most cases, the people laughing and eating with you have heard or promoted something negative about your names. They were trying to destroy your names. They were trying to smear your public image. Your names and public image are not destiny.

The Bible says “A GOOD name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold” - Proverb 22:1.

So, it is very clear that a good name is better but in most life cases, you have no control when men try to destroy your name. The more you try to protect your name the more vulnerable you become. How?

People will call you names that are not yours. They called Jesus Christ a thief, he was called a glutton and a drunkard because he ate and drank with sinners. He was called demon-possessed because he had supernatural powers. He was called a Sabbath-breaker for healing people on the sabbath. He was called a blasphemer for claiming to be the great I AM. In John 10:20, many of them were saying, “He has a demon and is insane. Why do you listen to Him?” If they call you a mad man or woman today, you will become depressed. Despite all that, Jesus focused on his assignment despite the regular doses of discouragement. He fulfilled destiny and today he is the Saviour of the world. Focus on your assignment, my friend.

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They smeared Joseph with trying to sleep with Potiphar’s wife and whether you like it or not, Joseph had a criminal record. Despite that, he became the Prime Minister in Egypt. Keep moving!

In our days, the press, politicians, the government, your family members, present and former church members, your present and former employees, your present and former colleagues in any profession or struggles will do their best to tarnish your image. They are friends today, enemies, tomorrow. Hail him today but crucify him tomorrow. We have all been there and in most cases, you have no control over the names they called you. Even if you sue them and won in court, they don’t have the money to pay the damages awarded against them.

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So friends, if all you do in life is try to protect your names, you will not make history. You will not fulfill destiny. You may not get to the promised land. Try to protect your names but don’t walk on eggshells. It is the stuff of babies. Destiny chasers will make bold statements like “My meat is to work and finish the work”. Work like Jesus, Joseph, and Paul the Apostle. Be like Esther who said, “If I perish, I perish”.

Whatever country you are reading this article from, you knew what they did to that man or woman, the politicians in your country, those who they put in prison and later came out to become the president like Mandela of South Africa. Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria. President Buhari was overthrown and called names but is still ruling Nigeria over 30 years later. Joseph was a prisoner, who later became the Prime Minister in Egypt. That was the force of destiny. It is stronger than names. It is stronger than your public image.

They are planning to conduct a general election in my home country of Nigeria in 2023. That one will be very interesting. The candidates will emerge soon. The campaign will soon commence. The elections will soon be conducted. The smearing of politicians will reach the highest heavens. Abuse me if you want. Slap me if you desire. Condemn me if you want. Destiny has already chosen our next president. You will know him in 2023 and he may not have a good name with you. Funny, isn’t it? Destiny trumps sentiments and resentment.

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So, I have come to encourage you. I have come to strengthen you. I have come to embolden you. I have come to enlighten you. Let them spoil your names but they cannot destroy your destiny. I discovered this very early in life and I do not care whatever names they called me. That was what made me who I am today.

They can try to destroy your name but they cannot destroy your destiny. Names are given on the earth and are therefore earthly. Destiny is from God and is therefore divine. When you finish attacking names, destiny will rise and say “I am Joseph whom you tried to destroy”. I command you today, go and fulfill destiny.

Dele Olawanle is my name.


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