Young Lady Narrate How Her Husband treat her when she is not in her right Mode


Young woman, Gloria Ibekwe with the twitter handle, @GloriaIbekwe has taken to her Twitter handle to Narrate how her husband treat her when she is not in her good mode.

Below is her tweet:

So yesterday i wasnt feeling good at work (my heart was heavy) i called my husband to pls pick me up earlier than my usual closing time. He did but he wasn’t done at work so i followed him to his office until his closing time. We went home

had our bath, cuddled up and made love 😍 and immediately we slept off. (NB. he didn’t ask me what was wrong, he just allowed me until i was ready) we woke up at abt 12am still cuddled up naked together, then we began to talk abt us, how life has been, how it’s going…

We talked abt us, finances, life, babies, future and we joked in btw and laughed more until i was ready to spill out what was troubling me. We were awake till 4am just talking, laughing and going down memory lane. This thread was made because, my husband is my happy place.

Even when we spoke on phone he could sense that i wasn’t okay just listening to my voice and vice versa.
He knew i wasn’t ready to talk about it and he let me be, till i was ready to talk. He just knew i needed hugs he hugged me immediately we got home for a while. And also

While driving home, he held my hand till we got to his office.
God, i dont know what i did, but you gave me the best man there can ever be. I used to think my dad was the best man until i met my husband, a better man.
They say the worse mistake you can ever make is marrying the

Wrong person. I’m blessed with the right person, a MAN that understand my heart, voice, my eyes, my mood, the way i react to things. In this journey to marriage i will continue to be that Good, supportive, caring and submissive wife to you My husband i promise

To love you all through life. We here together forever and ever.

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