How My Ex-husband Beat Me A Day Before Our Wedding -Relationship Expert, Blessing Okoro

A relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, popularly known, as Blessingceo recounts how she was beaten by her ex-husband a day before their wedding and also two weeks after their wedding.

Sharing a video of her wedding day, she alleged that her ex-husband abused her to the point that she divorced him at 21 and till now she feels she didn’t punish him enough.

Blessing wrote, “It’s been 12 years since my divorce. You might wonder why I am posting this after a long, long time. I am posting because I want to show you what the men who hit women look like. They don’t always look like Osinachi’s husband, they come in different packages.

“@josie_de_xii witnessed the beating a day before my wedding. On this day he beat me in front of everybody. My kid sister @da_yan0 witnessed the day he beat me into a coma, 2 weeks after our wedding, he was beating my lifeless body. My sister still has that fear till now.

“Domestic violence is not a joke. This man here abused me to the point that I divorced him at 21 and I feel I did not punish him enough.”

Credit: Instagram | officialblessingceo

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