Suspected ritualist caught with used diapers, sanitary pads in Benin, Edo State

A Suspected ritualist has been caught with used diapers and sanitary pads in Benin, Edo State.

The man who portray himself as mad man was caught at Third East circular road in Benin yesterday 16th of April 2022.

Source who share the story on social media has this to say:

“This man is a fake madman. Some people in the neighborhood have been observing him for a while now. He goes about picking used diapers and already used sanitary pad and pants from dustbin.

He claimed his customer Yahoo boys.

He was caught on Saturday April 16th in Benin City, 3rd East circular Road edo state.

He was asked to mention the name of his customer and he refused saying he will rather die than reveal their identities.

He said one of the boy he had given the items to use recently acquired a mansion.

The suspect confessed to be married with two kids and was using this to survive. He was given a brief lesson before taking to the vigilante.”

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