Jonathan Is Not A Member Of APC, He Can't Be Made Consensus Candidate - Tinubu's Group


The leader of the Grassroot Network for Asiwaju Tinubu group, Mr Abiodun Mafe, said that Jonathan was not known to be a member of the APC hence he could not be the presidential candidate of the party.

“Jonathan has never been a member of the APC, so how will it be possible for anyone to say that he will be made a consensus candidate? Until he now proves to the whole world that he is a card-carrying member of the APC, it can’t be. Even at that, there is a process.

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Constitutionally, anybody who is a member of the APC has the right to contest but as far as I am concerned Jonathan is not a part,” Mafe stated.

Goodluck Jonathan last week, was asked by a political group to run for the highest seat of power in Nigeria.

Although, Mr. Jonathan did not accept nor reject the plea, but he said he is still making consultation(s).

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Jonathan has been absent from all PDP gatherings for the past two years, it is unclear if he has switched allegiance to the APC, the party he once condemned.

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