Peace Mass Transit Re-trains Drivers For Improved Highway Safety

One of the regular training and re-training programs for Peace Mass Transit drivers got underway Tuesday, and continues as we speak.

The program which lasts one month is designed to cover all drivers in the PMT fleet.

Officers of the Federal Road Safety Commission oversee the main sessions for participants while PMT safety manager, Sunday Igwegbe, takes them through the other routines.

Peace Mass conducts regular safety refresher courses for its drivers and takes their participation seriously.

Over the month -long duration of this May session, all drivers are expected to check in in batches and be taken through regular and specialist routines, as a form of recertification.

Part of what Mr. Igwegbe does specifically is verify that drivers have valid driving licences.

FRSC officers take them through safety routines like fire emergency reactions, highway codes, and general road safety procedures.

Safety Manager Igwegbe expressed satisfaction with drivers’ response to the current session, assuring that the company was not about to lower its high safety standards to accommodate any recalcitrant driver.

“We have no tolerance for carelessness because human lives are involved”, he stated. ” We retrain them regularly because, over time, there might be the temptation for some to try to take things of safety for granted”.

” But we don’t allow that, so, despite the logistics implications, we do these trainings regularly “.

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