Land of Hope sends 150 hospital beds from Denmark to Nigeria – Anja Ringgren Lovén


Land of Hope sends 150 hospital beds from Denmark to Nigeria.

Nigeria’s healthcare system has totally collapsed and Land of Hope wants to lead the way and rebuild a system that is supposed to save lives.

Herning hospital has closed down because one of Denmark’s new super-hospitals is ready to open in Western Denmark. The vision behind the new hospital is to create a modern hospital that is capable of truly world-class therapeutic and operational efficiency.

Thanks to Region Midtjylland Land of Hope was selected to receive hospital beds and medical equipment from the closed down hospital.

When Land of Hope was selected I contacted DSV – Global Transport and Logistics Denmark for support.

DSV Denmark has supported Land of Hope for many years and I was so excited when they said yes to ship 150 hospital beds for free all the way from Denmark to Nigeria.

To load 150 hospital beds in two gigantic containers is not easy and again I was overwhelmed with the news that Bop Scan Office ApS offered to support Land of Hope with manpower to make sure all 150 hospital beds were packed into the container and they got support from Mesterflyt 💪

Yesterday the first container was packed with 75 hospital beds and today the second container will be loaded with the rest of the hospital beds. I´m on my way to the hospital now…… More pictures and videos coming up.

Please help me send BIG thanks to:
Region Midtjylland
DSV – Global Transport and Logistics Denmark
Bop Scan Office ApS

For taking part in rebuilding Nigeria´s healtcare system.

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