Nnamdi Kanu’s Lawyer Offers Free Legal Services to Police RRS Commander Facing Sack for Indicting Soldiers in Fulani Kidnappings


This is why we can’t get it correct again.
Nigeria Police never bothered to investigate the serious allegation against the soldiers nor were they concerned about the illicit activities going on in Garki Market where proceeds of crime are routinely shared, as shockingly narrated by the erudite CSP, rather they have singled him out for humiliation.

In this contraption, Fulanis, particularly the blood sucking herdsmen, live above the laws of the Land, and you dare not mention their sacred names even when they are caught in the act.

Nigeria Military will not feign ignorance of the ignoble activities of the soldiers they posted in the South East. Evidence abound.

I call on Nigerians to strictly monitor and follow up on the travail of CSP Johnbull ,the RRS Commander , because I know that Nigeria Police ably led by Fulani Man will decimate him for daring to challenge their authority.

CSP John bull should should not be left alone. I am ready to offer probono service to ensure that justice is done to him.

We are watching.

There was a country indeed!

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