Marrying Second wife isn’t an achievement - Ossai Ovie Success tell Yul Edochie


Yul Edochie should go for third or fifth wife since marrying more than one wife now bring bleesings and happiness.

I don’t know why Yul see marrying second wife as an achievement.

Yul Edochie should stop praising himself for marrying two wives .

It doesn’t makes him a better man than others with one wife .

He was wrong to say a man can love two women at the same time .

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That isn’t possible most especially when you have a wife you married for years with children.

I think Yul is not considering his first wife emotional feelings and the pains in her heart.

The fact that Yul keep coming to justify why he married second wife is a clear indication that he doesn’t care about his wife feelings .

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No responsible man will keep coming online justifying marrying a second wife .

It’s unfortunate for him to say two wives makes him happy .

Since two wives attracted blessings to him , he should go for a third and fifth wife to attract more blessings and happiness.

Yul humiliated his first wife publicly by impregnating another woman and marrying her with her consent .

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I think he should stop coming online to talk about marrying a second wife .

I am tired of his stories .

My name is Ossai Ovie Success


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