How to Verify Pi Network, Pi Coin KYC in Nigeria


Recently the world first mobile mining cryptocurrency, Pi Network release it KYC to over half of it pioneer.

The KYC process, is a procedure to Verify the miners, in other to get rids of fakes account.

The KYC requirements for each country maybe different base on the type of valid identification issued to citizens of that country.

What Pi Network team do is that, they release KYC requirements base on individual country valid Identification.

In Nigeria, Pi Network KYC requirements for Nigerian Citizens are:

1. NIN Slips

2. International Passport.

3. National ID Card

4. Driven License.

For those who use International passport, the verification is less than 12 hours, but those who used another means of verification takes some weeks, why? Because they require Validators from Nigeria who will verify others Nigerians in their platform.

As at now, Pi Network don’t have Validator from Nigeria.

How to Verify Pi Network KYC

The first step in verification process is

1. Download Pi Browser in Google play store or Apple play store.

2. Sign in, and, Click on KYC pi.

3. Allow the form to open, when you are eligible, KYC process will open, then follow the steps to complete your KYC

After you successfully complete the Process Click on Submit.

You will them wait until is approved, after which you can also apply as a Validator.


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