2023: Reno Omokri react to Kwankwaso Comments on Igbos, Call for Apology


Hope you Consider and Apologize, Reno Omokri slam Kwankwaso over his comments on Southeast People

Reno Omokri has react to the recent comment by Rabiu Kwankwaso when he describe Igbos as people who don’t have any other ideology apart from business.

Rabiu Kwankwaso, the Presidential candidate of the new Nigerian People Party, NNPP during opening of his party office in Gombe State today speak on the possiblity of merging with Peter Obi of Labor Party, LP.

In his statement, Kwankwaso insist that the possible way to merge NNPP with Labor Party, is when Peter Obi agree to be vice President.

He further describe Igbos as people who only have ideology on business, but lack political ideology.

In his statement, Kwankwaso said Igbos are talented, good is business, but poor in Politics.

Reacting to the statement, Reno Omokri called on Kwankwaso to possibly tender an opology to Igbos people stating that no tribes or region is superior than the others in Nigeria.

Reno words read:

That statement credited to Rabiu Kwankwaso was not well thought out. I respect Kwankwaso, but to use such adjectives to describe the Southeast, and people of Igbo origin, is rather unfortunate. I truly hope he reconsiders his statement and issues an apology. We are all Nigerians. Nobody is a bottom feeder!

Yes, he may have been the object of insults and ridicule from the supporters of a particular candidate. But he is not the only one. Both Atiku and Tinubu and their supporters have been on the receiving end for months. It comes with leadership. That statement was a downer!

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