Peter Obi procured Land for Anambra Airport, saved 75 Billion Naira for the Project.


Peter Obi employed over 7000 teachers at the twilight of his administration and left 75 Billion Naira for their salaries.

Peter Obi handed schools over to missionaries, bought Vehicles and computers and saved 75 Billion Naira for their effective running.

Peter Obi conceived the project of International Convention centre and Township Stadium all in Awka, he equally left 75 Billion Naira for the projects.

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Peter Obi started the longest bridge linking Anambra to Kogi in Anam, the three sand filler in Awka which they called flyover and remodeled Awka to a live-able city and left 75 Billion Naira for its completion.

Peter Obi constructed the Enugu-uwkwu Road to Awka-Onicha by Express and left 75 Billion for its completion.

It was Peter Obi who improved Anambra IGR from 8 Billion to 28 Billion Naira monthly.

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In fact, Willie Obiano is nobody without Peter Obi, so he cannot claim he did anything, because without Peter, there won’t be Obiano. If not the 75 Billion Naira he left in the Bank, what will Obiano achieve.

The said 75 Billion was saved in Naira when Dollar was 180 and spent when dollar rose to between 360 - 500. Obiano is not a good economist and not frugal, if it was Obi, he would have done some magic.

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It was Peter Obi who did everything in Anambra State, Obiano did nothing except drinking Champagne with our 75 Billion Naira.

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