Let Talk: What is your View On Kwankwaso and Peter Obi Saga, Should Obi accept to be Kwankwaso VP OR Not?

For the past three days now, alleged ongoing discussion between Peter Obi of labor Party, LP and Kwankwaso of NNPP took another dimension as Kwankwaso blow hots, said he can’t be vice President to Peter Obi.

Why givens his reasons, Kwankwaso said Peter Obi didn’t have the potential to rule Nigeria.

He point out that he is most qualified person to rules the country.

Kwankwaso also Backlash Igbos and the people of southeast by saying that they don’t have Political ideology, apart from Business.

His outburst didn’t go down well with Obi supporters.

Some Peter Obi supporters had point out that Kwankwaso outburst just to use Peter Obi to gain Popularity, because Presently Peter Obi is must popular candidates among the Presidential candidates for 2023 general elections in Nigeria.

Some supporters also call on Peter Obi to forget about Merging because Kwankwaso is not ready.

The big issues now is, Did you support Peter Obi to be Kwankwaso running mate, or Peter should Stand on his own with his Labor Party, LP?

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