Let Talk: Lawmakers and President, who amongs them is major cause of Nigeria Problems?



Nigeria is battling to survive right now due to bad government.

Everything has remain the same, now things are even going backwards instead of moving forward in the country.

Insecurities, high cost of Governance, bad Economic Policy, corruption, stealing of government money, injustice has eating dipped into Nigerian system.

The Present Buhari government seem to be worst.

Many of us try to blame the President over bad governance.

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But remember that President can't work alone, most of the approval and recommendations are made by the Lawmakers, the senates and house of Representatives.

Also know that President has a maximum of 2 term to spend in office, why Lawmakers, Senates and the house of Representatives don't have maximum term in office.

Because of that many of the senators and the House of Representatives has spend over 20 years in the red and green chamber making the same laws for Nigerians.

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If we can remember, Dr. Bukola Saraki, when he was the Senate President, many Buhari bad policy were turn down by him.

Many loans requested by Buhari were turn down because it doesn't make any sense.

But Today, Ahmed Lawan, approved anything that come from President Muhammadu Buhari without thinking of the consiqent it will have on Nigerians in the feature.

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So who are to be blame for Nigeria Problems, Senators of President?



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