Great Nigerian Students!, what this cows we’re doing in our school Auditorium


Great Nigerian Students, Great !!!
I want to say, I want to yarn, I want to titrate, I want to bombard what this cows we’re doing in our school Auditorium 😅

Omo… Na today I know say cows too dem like school if not weytin carry fudma cows go Auditorium?

E be like say Dem go receive lectures on our behalf faa? 😅 Thanks to the cows for keeping our campus warmed up

Who knows, maybe next week y’all would start seeing cows writing their exams on our behalf 😁 make una no surprise oh cause anything fit sup

Buh my spirit come dey tell me say, these are not just normal cows, Dem fit be human beings in the form of cows 😁 shey una reason am too?? 🙄

Who knows, maybe all the Guidance and Counselling students come in the form of a cow to see how our school dey 😅😂

Nothing for Fudma dey shock me again 😁

Ahbi this cows wan go for field trip to zoo? 🙄😂 Anything can happen Sha… Where are my Comrades 😂😁

Final year student, e be like say na these cows dem gi kill for una during graduation oh 😋 we go meriment tire

Torh… Me say my come halla una for this update before pesin come dream about cows 😁

Una bye bye
My fellow comrades, na just small Vawulence oh 🚶🏽‍♂️


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