My Wife Don’t trust despite I haven’t cheated on her, what should I do?

Young Man is serious in need of your advise over trust issues from his wife.

He said

We have been Married for 5 years now, blessed with two kids boy and a girl.

Aldo I have been seen around, know her and her family, but we didn’t do any courtship before marriage.

We meet just two week, them we got married.

Before I married her, i didn’t have girlfriend, because am not the type that drive joy in sex.

And since we got married from 2018 till date, I have never cheated on her.

But she seen to not trust me, I don’t know why?

She always kick against any business I want to do because in her thought she believe I was seen a lady, or I plan the business with a lady.

But am suspecting, may she is doing something behind, and she thought am doing the same, if not why is she not trusting me?

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