Your Attack Dogs, attack me again called them to Order, or you bear the Consequences – Reno Omokri warm Peter Obi

Reno Omokri send strong warning to Presidential candidates of Labor Party, LP Peter Obi to called his supporters attacking him, which refers to as dogs to order.

Read his message below:

“Peter, I promised you I will leave you alone, unless your attack dogs, who I told you about on phone, and who our mutual friend talked to you about when he approached me, attack me. Today they did. You either call them to order, or you bear the consequences!

You have not noticed that any time you unleash your attack dog on me, I also unleash on you. If you like attack me from now till February 25, 2023. You are the one contesting election. Not me. And I like the free publicity!

Peter, you are the single largest contributor to non oil and gas related consumption in Nigeria. You import almost everything from A to Z, including beer and alcoholic drinks. Yet, you campaign on turning Nigeria from consumption to production? It is like satan campaigning against sin!

Enter any major supermarket in Nigeria. At least 15% of what you will see was imported into Nigeria by you Peter. Not manufactured. IMPORTED. I have the data from my contacts in the Central Bank of Nigeria. If I am lying, I challenge you, Peter, to sue me. And you are the fellow who wants to move Nigeria from consumption to production? Really?

Peter, you own Next Cash & Carry. Go there. From the beginning of the shop to the end, almost everything is imported. And you are the man criss-crossing Nigeria telling gullible Obidients that you will move Nigeria from consumption to production? Buhari promise!

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Peter, you are just a trader. Pure and simple. The only thing that differentiates you from a Wuse market trader is volume. You imports products on a massive scale for resale in Nigeria. It is hypocritical for Nigeria’s greatest consumer to campaign on production!

Peter is there complaining that Naira is now ₦705 to $1. How do you think that happened? It is not only Buhari’s fault. Every time you, Peter, brings a ship loaded with foreign goods into Nigeria, you are driving down the value of the Naira. Importers are killing the Naira!

I will stop here now. But if your attack dogs continue, then I continue.


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