Nigerians Lament As They Are Detained At Dubai Airport

A tweep, Dinchi, has shared the experience of some Nigerians, who were detained at the airport in Dubai with their passports seized.

Dinchi, who shared video and photo from the scene claimed that the incident happened on Wednesday.

She tweeted, “This is the situation happening with Nigerians arriving Dubai today 31st August 2022. Detained and our passports seized. Help!”

“Is it a crime to be Nigerian? How can a visa be issued to you and then you get held at the airport without information?

“Nigerians should stop visiting Dubai. Cos we cannot be humiliated this way by the same people that issued us visas. Use your money to come and get humiliated? Nah.”

In the video, some Nigerians can be seen attempting to state their cases to an official but he was merely insisting that they get out of his office.

In her last update, Dinchi revealed that she had been able to get out but not so with the others.

“My sister had to go through immigration to get me released. It was a tedious process. Others are still there and I don’t know their status. What happens if you have no family here? Nobody knows what is going on,” she added.

Credit: Twitter | dunchichi

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