Peter Obi great Bishop Kukah at 70th birthday


Peter Obi said:

My Lord and Elder Brother, Bishop Kukah, hearty and warm fraternal greetings as you mark your 70th birthday; and join the legion of the righteous. I share in your joys as we celebrate your life and many impactful years in the service of God, the Church and the Country.

You have remained a consistent voice against corruption, oppression, injustice and evil, which pervade every part of our nation. Through your preachings, writings and lifestyle, you have influenced and pointed many to the right ways of life.

Yours is a life of service to God and humanity. Your voice of wisdom and courage has been an inspiration and salve to many Nigerians. You speak truth to power! You are a sincere patriot committed to nation-building and a united Nigeria.

As an apostle of faith and qualitative education, you have continued to invest in education, for the good of the people, and the development of the nation. You have in many ways, written your name in the hearts of men, by your evangelisation and lifestyle of charity and humility.

I pray that God will grant you more wisdom to lead, health to work and blessings and grace to impact more lives positively and run the race till the end.

Happy Birthday My Lord Bishop.

PeterObi 

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