It your right, Don’t Praise Any Governor, president or any Politicians to perform their responsibility on you – Shaban Shuaibu Omoko

Shaban Shuaibu Omoko words read:

When evil stays in a society for too long, the younger generation see it as culture.

No any Politicians, governors or President deserve your thanks or appreciation if he dose anything for you and your people, because in the first place, he or she was appointed for the Job.
He or she should be the one thanking you for given them the chance to serve.

But today, When Nigerian Politicians who was able to do just atom of what he is appointed to do, he want us to see him like God.

Is not like that, as a governor, President, or Chairman, any office you are holding, know that you are appointed to serve.

You are civil servants, you are to Serve us and not to enslaved us

But Nigeria leaders are somethings else, so wicked and heartless, they will steal Money they can’t finished.

The same leaders we have rejected are spending money to impose themselves on us.
Enough is enough, we can’t takes it anymore.

No one in Nigeria who don’t know that Peter Obi is the only qualify candidates for President come 2023, but doe to selfish interest they are working hard so they can continue to enslaved us.

But it will not work. Our brothers and sisters from the North, remember wrong choice make in 2023 will collapsed northern region.
Atiku will give upper hands to Fulanis to continue killing you guys.

Know that Atiku didn’t have your interest.

Know that Tinubu is old, he can’t control the country.

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Know that Shettima and Boko Haram are Allies.

Be wise.

I remain Shaban Shuaibu Omoko am on Twitter with same name.

Thank you

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