Education remains one of my greatest commitments - Atiku Abubakar


Education is the bedrock of every nation. Its benefits are innumerable. The universal attack on education cannot be overlooked. With wars in conflict zones and outright abandonment in others, several nations have disregarded the importance of education, thus, risking the futures of several generations of children.

In Nigeria, we have witnessed several attacks on schools, particularly in the Northern region, which have led to the abrupt closure of schools by the present-day government rather than addressing the state of the nation’s security. The Tertiary Institution has suffered an almost absolute abandonment, evidenced in the extended duration of strikes over time. These incessant occurrences will leave a shortage of skillsets and capacity required for our people to impact their world.

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The right to education cannot be preserved in unfavourable conditions without education itself being prioritized.

In commemorating the International Day to Protect Education from Attack, it is necessary to emphasize that out-of-school children which figures now stand at 20 million are prone to abuse and exploitation. Schools should not be just facilities for learning but also a safe space where children can be protected from threats, crises, and other ill devices.

The sustenance of education is the right step towards preserving the future of the nation, and this remains one of my greatest commitments. -AA

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