The love of money among the youth and the elderly in Nigeria has made a yahoo boy to remote control a German lady to Nigeria with charm.

The yahoo boy who uses charm to get money from his unsuspecting clients before remote controlled the German lady to Nigeria because of his numerous unsuccessful attempt visit to Germany.

When the lady arrived in Nigeria the yahoo boy received her in the Nnamdi Azikwe Air port and went straight to hotel room which he booked to accommodate her. After having a pleasant bed rest over the night.

The Yahoo boy who wanted to go to Germany with the lady left her in the hotel room and went to see his Spiritualist called CHIEF DR FARAJI VOODOO TEMPLE. He explained his initial intention to the Spiritualist with what he intends to do now. His immediate plan is to use her for ritual, but his Spiritualist advised him not to do so.

The Spiritualist after consulting the ancestors told him to perfect arrangements with her and travel to Germany instead wasting her life. He was confused and didn’t know what to do. The Spiritualist gave him love ring for attraction and favour.

The yahoo went back to the hotel room and discussed the matter with the German lady. The boy approached her for marriage and how best she can help him to stay with her in Germany.

The German lady was so happy and excited to hear this from a Nigerian boy friend because the story about Nigeria were all negative. She called German embassy and move to Nigeria embassy to perfect the traveling documents of her boy friend.

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They came back to the hotel with full of joy visibly shown in their faces. Within a week both of them travelled to Germany and settled down as husband and wife.

The Yahoo boy was regarded as citizen because of marriage. He got a lucrative job through his wife and stayed with her for 5 years. Having spent such time together with her. He told her one day that he want to go back to Nigeria and see his parents, but promised that he will come back within two weeks.

He solicited for permission from his place of work and travel back to Nigeria. Upon his arrival he decided to pay a visit of appreciation to his Spiritualist who made him to be a change agent. The former yahoo boy has become a big man within the short period of time spent in Germany.

Infact, when he got to the Spiritualist. It was a merry making day because the guy bought a lot of drinks, food and every one around there drank to stupor. He appreciated the Spiritualist for changing his life from being a perpetual yahoo boy in Nigeria to a German citizen.

He explained some of his experiences while in Nigeria as a yahoo boy with limited freedom due to the security agents that were after them.

He therefore admonished the youth in Nigeria to channel their brain and energy for something that will last long and beneficial to them and the society at large instead of dabbling into a risky business that their parents cannot enjoy.

He travelled back to Germany to rejoin his wife after seeing his parents.

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