A 37 year old man from Ogun state narrated how live goat was used to remold his destiny for success and favour within a year.


The man who was said to have been suffering from abject poverty as a result of hatred and helplessness bounced back to a very wealthy man in the society has this to say.


I have nothing and nobody seems to help me. I was dejected and rejected in the past. So this made me to look for a Spiritualist who can help me to make money out of the blue. According to him he has spent every kobo that came to his pocket searching for a true spiritualist who will put smile into his face in the length and breath of the country, but could not find a genuine one.


He became tired and unperturbed about what life has in stock for him. Little did he know that there are Spiritualists who can make him rich and wealthy through Spiritual means, but they are not common in the country.


He was subsequently introduced to Chief Dr Faraji Voodoo temple, phone+23407019357444. WhatsApp+23407019357444. The moment he got to the Spiritualist . He became so furious thinking the man was similar to others.


Surprisingly, Chief Dr Faraji told him to get a live goat and some Spiritual items for the money ritual and the work have to be done naked in the broad daylight at the three junction.


He accepted to buy the materials unwillingly because of the condition attached to the work. As someone desirous of getting money by all means. He decided to give it a trial after pondering about it for some minutes.

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He went to the market and bought all necessary items and the spiritual work was carried out at the three junction in the afternoon. He there after came back to his house and money started coming from all his engagements. Unmerited Favour from different people across the state.


Within a space of a year. He became excessively rich and wealthy. Those within the community started calling him names and it was extended to other parts of the LG by backbiters.


When he heard this through a brother. He decided to declare how he makes his money 

in the churches and public places. He took the steps to disabused the minds of people who believe the accusations in the social media as well. He was full of happiness to blow it open without hiding any secret .


In case you are interested or worried about the claim . You may contact Chief Dr Faraji for the veracity of what makes me who i am today. Your financial freedom will embarrass your enemies.

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