2023: By what Parameters you guys keep saying Peter Obi is the Best? - Reno Omokri ask Obidient


Reno Omokri said:

"You Obidients keep saying Obi is the best candidate. But by what parameter? He is behind Atiku in education (Bachelor versus Masters). In business, Atiku is by far more successful! In employment, Atiku employs more Nigerians than Obi. In moving from consumption to production, Atiku manufactures made in Nigeria goods, while Peter Obi is the single biggest individual importer of foreign goods into Nigeria. In experience, Atiku was Obi’s superior when he chaired the National Economic Council under President Obasanjo, of which Obi was just a floor member. In service to Nigeria, Atiku was in the Nigerian Customs, while Peter was in the private sector. In corruption, Obi was listed in the Pandora Papers as ILLEGALLY acquiring and hiding wealth in offshore accounts. Atiku was not mentioned in the Pandora Papers at all. So by what yardstick is Obi better? The only edge Obi has over Atiku is that he has surrounded himself with former and present IPOB members who have brought their IPOB tendency into his campaign and are alienating other Nigerians by their propensity to insult, blackmail and threaten! Atiku’s competition is Tinubu, NEVER Obi. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!"

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Reno Omokri




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