Tinubu with Dele Momodu in London 1996. Three years later, He started building Lagos

Azuka Onwuka wrote:

Looking at this picture of Tinubu and Dele Momodu, one could see that Tinubu is not as old as people allege that he is. Momodu is 62 years old. Tinubu is 70 years old. This picture taken in the 1990s shows that the age difference between Tinubu and Momodu is not too wide.

This picture shows that it is not possible for Tinubu to be older than Dele Momodu by 20 years.

Tinubu cannot be 80 years or above as some allege. If he were, Momodu would have looked much younger in the picture.

What happened to Tinubu that makes him look weak, infirm and much older than his real age is illness. And if it is Parkinson’s disease, as some doctors have noted based on the symptoms he presents, then it simply degenerates as the days pass by.

Pa Ayo Adebanjo is 94. Chief Emeka Anyaoku is 89. Prof Wole Soyinka is 88. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is 85 and is even diabetic. They all move around unaided and speak clearly and robustly. Tinubu is not the agemate of any of them, but he looks weak and has to be helped to walk up or down stairs or to hold a flag.

Illness can happen to anyone, and it can turn a lion to a shadow of itself within a short while. Nobody should mock another because of an illness.

The only challenge is when someone who is bogged down by an illness insists that he will lead a nation bogged down by an illness. Then people have a right to be worried about their fate under such a situation. And they are free to express their views about it.

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