These Police Officers Fixed My Flat Tyre and Rejected Money I Gave Them


Yesterday, a Nigerian had a flat tyre on Iseyin-Ibadan highway. According to him, he flagged many motorists for help because his jack got spoiled in the process of trying to change the tyre but none of them stopped, understandably.

He has already resigned to fate until these good officers from Dugbe Police station came along. They didn't only stopped, they went out of their way to replaced & fixed the spare tyre.

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When they were done, he begged them to take ₦3,000 as a token of appreciation but they rejected his plea. Their response was; "we didn't stopped to assist you because of that, we are only doing our jobs".

The three Officers are: Officer Tunmise, Officer Daudu and Officer Michael of Dugbe police station, Ibadan).

May God continue bless them.

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God bless Nigeria Police.


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