According to an adage a problem shared is a problem half solved. Many are dying in silent with their ailment because they didn’t share with people, but running from pillar to post,whereas what they are looking for inside their Sokoto is just beside their house.


As a 45 year old man living in Oyo state. i came to realize that hardship, delay and disappointment are all component of spirituality caused by either ourselves or imposed by enemies who are jealous about your future.This is because there is one on earth is born for hardship, delay or disappointment, but all these misfortune are orchestrated by lack of understanding the spiritualities of life. sincerely speaking, I use to make love with an unknown number of persons in the dream some times thrice in a month, but little did i know that having sex in the dream causes setback to ones life.


Life became extremely difficult for me in every area of my endeavor. Those who were to be of help to me turned to be enemies of progress after promising heaven and earth. The issue of promise and fail became a recurring decimal in my life. I went to many places to seek for help, but all seems to be adding fuel to flame. I was tired and depressed at home hoping for nothing until i came across QUEEN MOTHER HEALING HOME. PHONE:07017419907


Infact, the first question thrown on me by the spiritualist was exactly my experience during those innocent days of my life.The spiritualist said my problem started long ago with sexual manipulation through the dream land. It was then i realized that sex in the dream is disastrous to ones life. The spiritualist ordered me to get a native egg and use the egg for spiritual cleansing of my body and break it at the three junction in the midnight to free my self from hardship, delay and disappointment .


To say the least,i never knew an ordinary egg is as powerful as such. I became free from satanic manipulation up till this moment. My life has changed diametrically from worse to a great achiever within few months of my encounter with Queen mother healing home.


The question is every one has problem, but how, when and where can we get positive answer to our problems is a daunting task.Many of us are so spiritually afflicted and inflicted, but we carnally condemned those that are endowed with powers to suppress the wicked and unrepentant enemies of our lives. Spiritual endowment is a grace and gift to many family lineage and they use it to save life and deliver the oppressed from their oppressors. 


I was a staunch opposition to those who claimed to be spiritualist, but not all are not fake.The genuine ones are rare, but are full of blessing to mankind . You may take it or leave it, but only those who passed through the ordeals of life and became free after series of struggle will agree with me. Those who may have thought of the native aspect of spiritualist perhaps didn’t know that there are people among them that genuinely endowed to provide answers to problem that defies human comprehension and medical interpretation and answer until they meet the right people.

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