Don’t Just Be available for Dating Alone – Miracle Chima


Don’t be available for dating. Be available for marriage. That offer (dating) doesn’t make reasonable sense. That word DATING have no commitment attached to it.

You are too grown for that kind of play my dear. Ladies define the kind of relationship you want.

Most men at the initial stage say exactly what they want from you. They will tell you they just want to date you. He has declared what he wants from you.

You, declare what you want. What he requested is it what you want? If you want marriage, tell him in clear terms please sorry I’m not available for dating.

You are 35, 32, or 29, let him know at my age that is not what I want. If you had come 7 yeas ago when I’m 21 or 22, I would have done that

Just know what you want

Hope this made a little sense

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