Police are Allow to Shot, if Citizens Attack them and their life is at Risk – Lagos PRO, Hundeyin


Lagos State police Public Relation Officer, David Hundeyin said that Nigerian Police are allowed to shot if they come under any attack that will results risking their lives.

Hundeyin reveal this via tweet when he disclose that Police who when to arrests suspect was attacked by traders in Alaba Rago Market in Lagos yesterday.

He said in the process, one of the Officer allegedly shot gun that results to fatal injuries of one of the attacker.

His tweets read:

“Policemen of Okokomaiko Division today went into Alaba Rago Market to effect arrest of a suspect but came under heavy attack from a large number of traders.

In a bid to tactically retreat from the armed mob attack, one of the officers fired his weapon, resulting in fatal injury to one of the attackers.

A detailed investigation has commenced into the immediate and remote causes of the incident.”

David in separate tweet further disclose that Police has the right to use their gun if they come under attack.

While quoting Nigerian constitution to back his claim, David said:

“Just to be clear on this, if our officers come under any attack such that their lives are in DANGER, and there is no other way to get out of that danger, THEY WILL USE THEIR FIREARMS!”

Firearms are NOT ornamental!

See Section 33 of the Nigerian Constitution” 



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