Reversed Miscarriage: Catholic Priest Wades In On Bishop Oyedepo’s Wife’s Testimony, Says “She Lied”


On the trending testimony shared by Bishop Oyedepo’s wife, popular Catholic priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu wrote, “Earlier, I asked an honest question if blood flow during pregnancy is strictly a sign of miscarriage. I wanted to learn, especially from those who are experienced in that field. I thank all those who tried to clarify the issue for me.

Some persons have asked my opinion on Mummy Oyedepo’s “testimony” tweet. . .

Well, all I can say is that judging strictly from what she wrote, without prejudice to the fact that there could be other sides of the story she kept to herself, her testimony is a typical example of what we see among many Christians of today.

There is everything wrong with testimonies like that. Testimonies like that only ignite faith among ignorant people. No critically minded person will hail the premises of that testimony. And when the premises are wrong, the conclusion cannot stand.

Let me break it down for us. . .

She saw blood flowing from her body, then her husband came back, instead of telling her husband what she noticed, she jumped to the conclusion that she just had a miscarriage. To conclude that you have a miscarriage is to simply say that the baby is no longer there.

So in essence, what the testimony is saying is that: she had a miscarriage, the baby was no longer in the womb, but somehow, through the words of her husband, another baby started growing in her womb, or that same baby that had already gone out, came in again and continued developing.

Do you see what I mean?

If she had just told the husband that she noticed blood flow from her body, that would have ignited the possibility of finding the cause.

Judging from the tweet alone, she lied. She only had blood flow. Having blood flow does not translate to a miscarriage.

The testimony is like waking up and feeling pains in your leg, then you call your husband and tell him that you are having a fracture. That is jumping from “I am having pains in the leg” to a conclusion of “having a fracture.” The fact that fractures come with pains, does not mean all pains in the leg are due to fractures.

This is what most Christians do. They see an owl at night, and the next day they are at church to give testimony that the devil attacked them. What is the relationship between seeing an owl and the devil’s attack?

The bottom line of most of these things is ignorance. And why this sort of thing worries me is that people keep making Christianity appear like it is a religion for those who cannot think.”

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