Thousands of eggs buried as poultry farmers lament low patronage of egg in the country


The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) has urged the Federal Government to intervene in the current egg glut being experienced in the market, forcing farmers to reduce prices.

Godwin Egbebe, the national publicity secretary of the association, made the plea in an interview on Thursday in Lagos.

An egg glut is a situation where the number of eggs produced is greater than the demand, causing an undesirable accumulation of table eggs in farms or stores.

He said that some states had come to the rescue of farmers but they had yet to receive any intervention from the Federal Government.

“States like Lagos, Plateau and Ogun have come to the aid of poultry farmers in their states since the egg glut witnessed in the sector. Ogun bought 10,000 crates, while Lagos facilitated the mop-up of 300,000 eggs and Plateau also mopped up a considerable amount.

As an association, we appreciate them but we believe state governments can do more to aid the sector at this critical time. For instance, Ogun mopping up 10,000 crates of eggs is a far cry from the state’s production capacity. It is just like off-taking one-day production from a single poultry farm,” he said.

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