Kind of a lady to avoid when Planning for Marriage


  1. A lady whose expenses is more than your income…. Don’t marry a lady whose cream is N3000 and your salary is N7000.
  2. Avoid the lady who still talk about her ex boyfriend and still do love and romantic chat with him. Cheating would be inevitable even in marriage…
  3. Run from a lady who finishes all the money you give her for market…. She is not a good manager… A wise woman saves from market money awaiting when the man may not have…
  4. Never marry a lady who prefers fast food than home cooked food…. You know that’s suicide already…..
  5. Marrying a lady who is naturally dirty, can push u into having extra marital affair…….
  6. Ladies who are very classic ND high tasted, can land u into debts ND anxiety. Be wise
  7. Don’t marry lady who can’t cook, wash your clothes and give you sex.. These are what makes a lady a mother..
  8. Avoid the woman who insults you and your family at the same time. Marrying her would turn you to a wife beater…
  9. Run from a lady who starts putting her school, family etc expenses on u as a boyfriend. Such women borders you with her expenses that may slow you down…. If you are confuse here, ask questions to put you right….
  10. Run from a hook up, RUNS and slay queen girls. They are the worst mistake of a man….
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Hope it made a little sense

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