Father Wipes Off Daughter’s Makeup on Her Wedding Day


In a viral video shared on TikTok, a Nigerian father was seen wiping off his daughter’s makeup on her wedding day because he couldn’t recognize her. Despite the daughter’s embarrassment, the father used a handkerchief to forcefully remove all the makeup from her face.

The chief bridesmaid, standing by the side, was also seen cleaning the bride’s nails with great seriousness.

Many netizens expressed their shock and disapproval of the father’s actions. Some suggested that they would cut off ties with their father if he had done the same to them, emphasizing the importance of the daughter’s special day and the need to respect her choices.

As @Gloria the crown jewel said, “That will be the last of me that he sees.” @angelasamaroo919 wrote, “This is her special day, why would you do that!” @cindythompson448 commented, “Omg she must be so embarrassed.” @Rere74 added, “That’s the end between me and my dad.”

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