Oyo Govt cautions residents against fire outbreak



Oyo State Fire Services Agency, 17 Safety Tips

1) Avoid indiscriminate bush or refuse burning.

2) Do not smoke or drop cigarette ends in prohibited areas e.g.Petro stations, Gas stations, Market Centres and bush areas.

3) Avoid refuelling of running engines like generators and vehicles.

4) Switch off all your electrical appliances and unplug them when not in use.

5) Always maintain good house keeping.

6) Discourage overloading of all electrical points in your house and offices.

7) The use of Mobile phones in the kitchen, filling stations, gas stations, etc should be totally eradicated.

8) Matches and highly flamable liguids should be kept out of children’s reach.

9) Avoid careless discarding of cigarette in the environment or naked fire (ember)

10) Flamable liguids like Petro and diesel should not be stored or kept in building.

11) Have all electrical work done by a gualified electrician and endeavour to use correct size of cable.

12) Gas cylinder should be installed outside the building and never use domestic gas if you can not smell.

13) Do not shake, hit or expose your gas cylinders to heat to avoid explosions.

14) Never shake the gas cylinder to check the level of the content, but rub the cylinder with water to indicate the remaining quality to avoid gas explosion.

15) Discourage overloading of electrical points

16) Endeavour to close gas cylinder valve tightly always to avoid leakage.

17) Do not check for gas leakage by bringing your ear close to cylinder or shaking the cylinder, rather check with soapy water.

In case of Fire Incident:

Call: Oyo State Fire Services Agency emergency lines


Oyo State Fire Services Agency says: Safety First, Safety Always.

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